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About Us

Our Journey

Halterman's Eatery is not just your typical restaurant.  For us, it symbolizes love of family, hard work, passion in what we do, and of course a love of food and fellowship!  We began this journey years ago, October 2012 to be exact.  Seafarers Family Restaurant & Seafood Market was where we began.  My father had always wanted to leave a legacy for his family. His dream of having a restaurant and the family building the business together.  His vision was cut too short, having undergone major medical health problems and coming close to losing him twice.  My father invested all he had in this business and I invested as well so my family and I had no choice but to jump in and save his investment to continue his dream and build this legacy.  We went in blind, not knowing anything about having to run a restaurant!  The only thing we knew was people, food, and persistence.

Through many obstacles and hardship my family, my amazing staff who have been there with us, made it our first year! Then the next, we could not believe it! We were surviving! Then receiving our first award of Top 16 Best Local Seafood and Oysters from Virginia Is For Lovers in 2016 and many more after that. Achieving First Place in Style Weekly Magazine for Best Local Fresh Seafood Restaurant in 2018 and being mentioned in Southern Living Magazine under the editorial of the Best Seafood Shacks in the South in 2019 was HUGE!!  Even with the awards and recognition we were still spinning our wheels. It was a cycle and we were stuck in it.  We were known as a "hidden gem," a destination restaurant.  No matter what we did, we were always hit back and the vicious cycle continued.  Little did we know our world as we knew was about to COMPLETELY CHANGE!  Chef Gordon Ramsey and his team came to the rescue! They heard our story and decided they wanted to help us. 

With Chef's guidance we underwent a major transformation and emotional transition leading to the start of Halterman's Eatery.  Family owned and operated we are Halterman's Eatery Family Restaurant!  We cannot wait to share our fresh new look with you and serve you comfort delicious food!  We have a variety from all american, old Seafarers favorites, and breakfast all day!   We are extremely grateful for your support and welcome you to dine with us!

Much Love & Happiness.

- The Halterman Family   

A Recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the Recipe

- Thomas Keller

Cooking is like LOVE. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all

- Julia Childs

A Few Photos from Our Time on Gordon Ramsay's show 

"24 Hours To Hell and Back"

Gordon Ramsay et al. standing around a table


a group of people sitting at a table in a room


Our Team